The Test

This is a test... really!

This the second paragraph of the test.

This is the third paragraph of the test where there are more words in order to make the paragraph wrap and thus test inter-paragraph spacing and alignment and normal HTML behavior and such things.

Και εδώ βάζω και λίγα Ελληνικά προκειμένου να δούμε πως φαίνονται και αυτά από πλευράς γραμματοσειράς/μεγέθους (μαύρα, πλάγια, και τα δύο μαζί). [αάβγδεέζηήθιίϊΐ κλμνξοό πρσςτυύϋΰ φχψωώ ΑΆΒΓΕΈΖΗΉΘΙΊΪ ΚΛΜΝΞΟΌ ΠΡΣΤΥΎΫ ΦΧΨΩΏ]

  1. This is item 1 in a list
  2. This is item 2 in the same list
  3. This is item 3 in the very same list

Note: the toolbar icons for formatting do not update as I move between different paragraphs... grrrr!

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